LAb[au] is happy to announce you its new urban interactive installation Touch on the DexiaTower and Place Rogier in Brussels, Belgium. The project takes as a starting point Brussels 145 m high DexiaTower, from which 4200 windows can be individually colour-enlightened by RGB-led bars, turning the facade into an immense display.

Instead of considering this infrastructure as a flat screen (surface) displaying pre-rendered video loops, the project is working on the architectural characteristics of the tower and its urban context. The characteristics of the building; orientation, volume, scale… are used as parameters to set up a spatial, temporal and luminous concept, which moreover allows people to directly interact with the tower.
On Place Rogier, at the bottom of the tower, a station is mounted where people can interact either individually or collectively with the tower through a multi touch screen.

MediaArchitecture      Video

Both static (touch) as dynamic input (gesture) is recognized to generate an elementary graphical language of points, lines and surfaces combined with physical behaviours (growth, weight, …) taking a monochromatic colour palette (background) combined with black and white (graphical elements).

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