A major new performing venue is planned for the French capital. The Philharmonic Society of Paris, with the associated support from the State and the Town of Paris will construct this stunning 2400 seat concert hall in the Park Villette in Paris. Mainly devoted to the reception of great symphonic formations, the Philharmonic society of Paris will present other forms of musical expression, in particular calling upon wiring for sound, the such jazz or the musics of the world. Located at the north-eastern entry of the capital in a district in change, registered in a park with cultural, visible vocation since the periphery of Paris, this equipment will be been useful by a innovating architecture. On the acoustic level, the concert hall will meet the international standards most demanding. It will dissociate strictly frontal models and will privilege an envelopment of the scene by the public in order to reinforce the feeling of intimacy between the interpreters and their audience. True house of the orchestras, carrying a teaching and cultural project extremely, the Philharmonic society of Paris will accomodate several musical formations in permanent or temporary residence. The equipment will develop on a surface of approximately 20 000 square meters useful. It will include/understand, in addition to the large concert hall, its hearths and its spaces of repetition, of the administrative buildings for several orchestras, an educational pole, spaces of exposure, a restaurant, as well as the infrastructures necessary to logistics and the technical equipment and a car park. Specimen on the control of the environmental stakes, construction will fall under a step of recognized certification. The delivery is envisaged in 2012.


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